Sometimes all you need in life is a soothing tune or two, to chillax too a little, normally in these times of need I’d be reaching out for some MuchuuAvec Sans, Saint Lou Lou or Sleepthief, but now I can add another name to the list of soothing mood makers, that being Lovelife.

The duo spawned from the ashes of much maligned indie rock band Viva Brother have turned their hand to creating synth pop, which is pretty much of the sweeping, floaty and shimmering theme, all told.

Delight upon delight, the duo are just about drop a 4 track EP “The Fourth Floor” which is stacked with glistening beats and atmospherically mellow soundscapes. Consisting of a light and airy froth of pop ascending from the track “Heaven”. A sumptuous indulgence of an R’n’B aura that circles around the synth side of “The Key”.  Whilst, “Your New Beloved” harbours muted tones and an evocative use of vocoder production, that makes good service of this technical enhancement upon a euphonically pleasing track such as this. “The Fourth Floor EP” culminates in a lusciously winding soundscape of calming synth noir through “Invisible”.

In this EP Lovelife firmly put to bed their previous incarnation of indie rock tune style and have successfully moulded for themselves a confident and glowing blend of synth spangled tracks that have the ability to soften the hardened of electro thumping hearts to surrender unto their charismatic pull.

The Fourth Floor EP “ – is available through National Anthem – December 17th