by Mandy Rogers

It’s been a quick synth poppin’ minute since we last heard from EQ fave SIRPAUL, having dropped in on us recently and bowling us over in electro dizzy excitement by disco delicious track “Mistaken”. The final offering it would appear from album “Music and Me”.

As friends of us here at EQ, we do also know there is always something creatively flowing over at SIRPAUL HQ, be it from his own branded project or an overspill onto a new one, as upon last years journey into the grand, decadent and exploratory as Simulover.

Good news! Falls this spring in the shape of a new SIRPAUL album “The Horse”. What’s more thrilling today, we get a juicy insight on it. Newly served with the rousing syncopated disco beats and spontaneously ear catching melody of “The Beat Of My Heart” is nothing short of the most heavenly form of ear candy to us. 

Words like, Brilliant! Amazing! and Awesome! are oft too flippantly used by reviewers in getting our exuberance across in matters of good pop, one thing we do know is, that SIRPAUL arises and delivers to the occasion every time and such glowing words of enthusiasm are royally deserved.

Listen to the BRILLIANT new SIRPAUL song “The Beat Of My Heart”.

The Beat of my Heart by SIRPAUL