As I’ve been blasting Lady Gaga‘s new single “Applause” for the past three days, somehow another track was able to work its way into my life. Talk about shocking!

VV Brown has been missing from the music scene, except for the release of a single a few months back, and talks of a new album set for an October release have been swirling around, boosting excitement here at EQ. Known mainly for her insanely catchy, yet confusing, hit single “Shark In the Water“, Brown is back with her 80s-influenced, gritty, synthpop creation, “The Apple“.

The vocals from Brown remain the highlight of the three and a half minute effort, even when production seems to want to take over control. They sound strong and confident, as they always have, but here Brown seems to be transforming into a goddess in the music world. “Don’t testify me, don’t bring me down, don’t hold me captive, not the apple of my life“, she sings on the gritty, glorious pop anthem which is already receiving critical acclaim.

VV Brown is a talented artist many souls have unfortunately not heard of, but that will soon change. While the pop/dance genres are slowly moving away from the traditional definition of an upbeat, dancefloor ready track, it is finally starting to allow a place for meaningful, darker, moodier tracks that really bring the vocal performance back into the spotlight to exist. “The Apple“, off Brown’s upcoming Samson & Delilah, sounds like a forgotten 80s electropop masterpiece that is somehow finding its light once again in 2013. Not a problem at all.