By Mandy Rogers

If you yearn for quality dreamy synth pop then you really
need look no further than Avec Sans.

In follow up to their earlier scintillating slice of dark
disco tease “Heartbreak Hi”, the duo score a triumphant return with a similarly
chillwave offering that grows in enormity of richness and unabashed emotive

For a fledgling band, Avec Sans have identified the
compositional building blocks suited to themselves and firmly put them into
place, gilding the architecture of their synthwave pieces with shimmer, moody
propelling dance beats and endearingly sublime vocals that quite pluck at the
harp strings placed outside of the pearly gates.

In affirmation of the online buzz they have scored for the
re-working of Bon Iver’sPerth” and “Heartbreak Hi” that went before, Avec
show no falter in their mastering of crafting relevant and classy