My recent article about the song “Naked” should have convinced EQ Music Blog readers that Sam Short is on the cusp of breaking out. Today I return to further warn you that y’all will have to get used to me talking about her a lot more because I am sticking to my guns on this one. Given the rate she keeps popping up on major editorial playlists is another indicator that interest in Sam is growing by the day. Because of following her progress. I know she has wiped her Instagram posts. This usually happens when an artist starts a new project or gets signed to a label. It would not surprise me in the least if the latter is about to happen with Sam.

On the other hand, she may only have decided to give her social media a tidy-up. Noticing as I did in the emerging artist feature, I ran on her, she has written songs for Katy PerryFLETCHERShakira and NOTD. I, therefore, feel a clean-up alone is an unlikely scenario. I anticipate an announcement could arrive soon. To the effect that she has signed with a label.

Her two remaining Instagram posts are drawing attention to “Taste It,” the latest song out.

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Sam said,

“This song came from such a place of hurt, and it has turned into such a beautiful thing.” Further adding, “This is the most honest song I’ve ever written. It epitomizes my very first heartbreak. It details the visceral reaction that comes with betrayal…a feeling so painful you hate it, yet so real you can taste it.”

Listening to “Taste It,” the song is a slice of heartbreak pop art to me. The details in the lyrics are so intense and raw. Likewise, the stellar production on the track makes it hard to believe this song is by an independent artist.

In this music climate, Sam Short is totally relevant. She is growing her brand on TikTok, but this is the way of most emerging artists these days. I see beyond the craze. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a real talent, and she will win out in the end.

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