Norway’s Emma Jensen has been promising her debut EP for a while. It was all going so well before Covid-19 struck. She supported Carly Rae Jepsen in Norway before everything closed down. It seems after almost a year without any new music, the EP release is continuing to take shape with the singer, producer’s latest cut “Talk Me Down.” There wasn’t a lot of warning the new track was coming either, as when taking a peep at Emma’s social media we are mostly fed glimpses of what she got up to this summer. Now “Talk Me Down” is here, the track was definitely worth the wait. Pristine, anthemic, Nordic pop with a slight icy shiver.

The song has already been added to the playlist of Norway’s biggest radio station NRK P3, and has the capability of making its presence felt in neighbouring Scandinavian countries, for sure. Especially when Emma’s singing voice on the track strikes of similarity to both Frida Sundemo and Anna of the North. The track has enough of a chilly mood coming through in the music, as well as factoring in a spectacularly upbeat chorus section.

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Speaking with Norway’s pop culture website, Emma revealed that “Talk Me Down” was written about her experiences with suffering panic attacks. And how she addresses the situation whenever it arises. By calling up good friends and family. Talking through what has happened, helps with a sense of safety and restoring of balance.

I look upon the track as a glittery ode to remembering self-care goes beyond, the physical stuff we do to relax. Lighting scented candles, taking a luxury bubble bath or spa treatment. These things do not concentrate just on beauty and pampering aspects, they are also useful when looking after the beauty of the mind (wellness) as well.

Just because of how shitty 2020 has been, “Talk Me Down” will particularly strike an emotional chord. Regardless of this, the track is melodically pretty and wholly endearing. Play it once, and play it again, feel yourself falling in love with the song.

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