Well I wasn’t in anyway expecting a new single from Mika, let alone learn of news that a new album is imminently to be on its way.

Whoop, whoop hooray though, as between Mika, Eric Saade and Will Young’s announcements I think we can semi safely say the pop drought that blighted us last year appears to be over with! At least these 3 artists do it for me!

So yeah Mika wants to talk about it, so he’s plumped to do so via a song with a very near exact title, infact.

Cool thing is Mika appears to have gone back to his earlier and quirkier Grace Kelly roots, as the piano keys get a pounding on “Talk About You”. What alone stretches my smiles for miles on this one, is that it rocks a proper galloping Scissor Sistery blissful chorus, which absolutely calls for more whoop, whoops from this side of the computer screen.