So this is the first that we’ve heard of them this year, Fredrik and Niklas of Swedish dance pop duo Man Meadow arrive back on the pop circuit pumped up for summer with another tunetastic offering ready made of their sprightly brand of signature euro pop styling.

True to their Swedish hit-making formula made up of supercharged EDM anthems the devilishly handsome pair unleash upon us new single “Take If Off”.

We have a few weeks wait until the video filters through, and our fingers are already crossed on it in hope of it being a little bit on the saucy side maybe?, as our wishful thinking is that Man Meadow might go shirtless some more, especially, after the treat of a underwear modelling session that went on in the previous visual promo for “Kill The Dancefloor”!

Until that appears, we have the highly rousing rapid fire chorus of “Baby take it all off, off, take it off, take it all off, take it off, off, baby take it all off” to keep us entertained and sing along too – attempting of course, not to twist our tongues and end up a dribbly mess so much in doing so, along the way.