I was looking when Jared Gelman whipped out a new track, “Synthetic” a few days ago. At the time, I was enjoying a leisurely listen to the singer’s previous release “Impulsive” on “This Is Beat Is Poptronik” January 2021 playlist and naturally, became curious once again about the emerging artist’s music and progression. I was right to be, curious. The track which arrived last week is one that lyrically pulls no punches. When Jared has something to say, these thoughts will more likely be explained in the form of a song. Nothing strange in that when music is your chosen career path.

What has compelled Jared to first write and share “Synthetic“? The track tackles the subjects of insecurity and self-image, and Jared doesn’t dodge the bullet when getting his thoughts said. Points have been made with validity and purpose. Although he runs the gamut head-on, regarding the provocative subject matter. Views are voiced with authenticity and genuine analysis.

“I wrote “Synthetic” about the commodification of insecurity. While I’m 100% for living your fantasy/creating who you want to be [UR BODY UR CHOICE] I think it’s important to critique what’s happening on a macro-level.” Jared shared over Instagram.

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I have unwrapped what “Synthetic” covers on a deeper level. Regarding, musicality, Jared utilizes vulnerability and fragility in the vocals. Choosing softer vocals, over boldly spoken lyrics to make a statement. Crashing pulses of electro melody bring all facets of the song into place. The music stylizing is hyper-cool, vibrant, but also kinda dark in places, and invigorating. The track has its complexities but, doesn’t come off as being overbearing or discriminating. Points have been made. A song has been served. What we get to take away from “Synthetic” is the understanding that we like that Jared Gelman is a little unusual. And will more than likely always continue to keep us fed with crunchier pop efforts with more bite than his peers.

Connect with Jared Gelman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JaredGelmanMusic/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jaredgelman
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jaredgelman/

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