With the unveiling of tracks coming at a quickened pace. The arrival of Bright Light Bright Light’s promised BIG pop album “Choreography” will be winging its way to digital platforms and retail outlets in a mere matter of days. To be precise on this, July 15th.

Which is time enough to slip in a proper listen of “All In The Name’s” follow-up single, another collaboration with Elton John called “Symmetry Of Two Hearts”.

Just a refresher first. The album is called “Choreography” which has been explained by Rod, that it has all been set around his love of musicals and music sequences in movies.

Rod couldn’t have picked upon anything more 80’s rom-com movie fantastic than “Mannequin” starring Kim Cattrall, for an inspirational lift of pure unadulterated fun and gleaming, super-sized pop sound to form the basis around “Symmetry Of Two Hearts

Decorated with electronic pop beats that literally leap out at you, the track translates as 80’s pop heaven in its purest form. Whilst, the addition of brass and horns seeped into the mix, give a clear impression of a cinematic tone that has been readied for a big on-screen moment to arrive.

In this particular case in “Mannequin”, it’s when Kim Cattrall’s character Emmy breaks out into a larger-than-life dance routine with romantic interest Jonathan Switcher played by Andrew McCarthy. which is oh so, fabulous darling! Yeah you know the one, where Emmy flashes her lacy lingerie. You knew it right?! It had you reaching for the pause button too huh!

Symmetry Of Two Hearts” is certainly everything of that BIG pop sound that Rod has talked about.

Actually at times it quite calls to mind another 80’s dance movie classic theme tune, that of “Dirty Dancing’s”, “Time Of My Life”. It’s very that way inclined in feel, in my humble but considered opinion.

Can’t wait for whatever the video might bring to this, I suspect it will be something quite animated. At least that’s what I’m hoping for!

Get your “Choreography” album pre-order in now and you’ll receive “Symmetry Of Two Hearts” as an instant download.