Brighton-based artist TomJack isn’t like Justin Bieber at all. Even though his press photo is giving off these vibes a bit. Although between them, both these artists do have something in common, they are fond of wearing hats. Currently, TomJack is setting up shop as an independent artist while emerging and starting out. Following the release of his third single, “Swim,” the interest surrounding the singer-songwriter and producer is beginning to grow. Whereas many up-and-coming singer-songwriters are taking their cues from Ed Sheeran. TomJack looks to Justin Timberlake as a source of inspiration.

I certainly hear some of the claimed JT influence in evidence in “Swim“. Until making headlines a few days ago because of selling off his entire music catalogue, JT dropped off the radar. Might he have some new songs ready? I feel the chances are he does. On the other side of the coin, there is TomJack. Taking a leap forward as a solo artist. Honing his music craft by first diving in on Timberlake’s albums “Justified” and “FutureSex/LoveSounds” for his latest offering, “Swim“.

For all of his studying TomJack, does an ace job of implementing catchy hooks into the music and authenticity into the lyrics. Much the same as Justin Timberlake does. While keeping a strong sense of indie-pop sensibility to the fore.

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The song talks about taking a leap of faith into the unknown. This is a theme echoing, TomJack’s recent move from his county of birth, Devon, to Brighton to pursue music. As a track, “Swim” has a lot going in its favour. The more I have listened to it, the clearer I see a picture forming in my mind of a crowd reacting to the song when performed live. Singing back the lyrics word by word. When he is ready to book some gigs, “Swim” is the one track he has so far that should make the “fan favourite” list.

There is no doubt that TomJack has a bright future as a singer-songwriter and producer. He has the studio skills, passion for lyrics and music, and focus to succeed.

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