Hang onto your wigs but there’s cause for celebration. The Scissor Sisters have remerged from their hibernation like a loveliness of ladybugs and have coloured planet pop and dancefloors worldwide with a tunetastic new track “Swerlk“.

This is not the only awesomely fantastic news about this surprise song hitting the decks. What is better, is Its purpose to honour the memory of the causalities of the PULSE Nightclub shooting in Orlando last summer. Additionally, supporting the Contigo Fund which was set up to assist the families affected directly by this despicable tragedy and to give aid to the LGBTQ communities in their fight to eradicate all forms of discrimination.

Can I have a big YAS! That the Sister Scissors are back on the radar and that they’ve musically partnered up with MNDR as featured guest vocalist. Now in addition to getting together and having a right ole Kiki time of our lives. Swerlking is the latest pastime that is set to become all the rage or better still all the outrageousness if you’ve the mind to really embrace it wholeheartedly. Sashay what your mumma gave ya honees.

More importantly do your best to try and not look this one over. Do the honourable thing and DONATE There’s a “Swerlk pay what you want (almost) FREE DOWNLOAD with your name on it. Who could say NO to that!