The thing about Galantis is…I pretty much know what to expect from the Swedish dance hit-makers because their signature sound is easily identifiable. The thing with a Years & Years and Galantis collaboration is – I pretty much can guess how it will pan out musically as well. What I do like, though, on Years and Years part. The upcoming album “Night Call” seemingly, covers more ground in a music sense than the previous projects. Because as I have noticed with the singles to date. “Starstruck“, “Crave“, and now “Sweet Talker“, the styles explored differ vastly.

I am the kind of music listener who likes to play dance tracks in the winter months to help keep the winter blues at bay. Therefore, I am happy “Sweet Talker” is the euphoric, fist-pumping anthem I was hoping for. I am also glad that the track includes a big orchestral arrangement by way of embellishment. Without this, it may have sounded too similar to Whigfield’s seminal bop “Saturday Night“, methinks.

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It genuinely pleases me that both the lyrics and narrative of the track are self-explanatory. There is a time and a place for tracks steeped with lyrical depth. “Sweet Talker” just isn’t one of them. It’s a dance track, through-and-through, the kind that needs to be played loud. That is all.

If you were looking for some exciting Years & Years news, well Olly has exclusively revealed some news in an interview with Radio One DJ Clara Amfo. (In a chat during “Sweet Talker” premiere as Hottest Record In The World) He will be hosting this years’ New Year’s Eve celebrations on the BBC. (In previous years, there have been special live concerts from Queen and Adam Lambert, Robbie Williams and Gary Barlow.) Olly teased he will be counting us down to midnight playing Years & Years tracks (duh!) and some covers. There will be some extra special guests making an appearance also.

With Years & Years on the television I have no reason to go out on New Years Eve. I will definitely need to get some special snacks in, though.

Years & Years third album “Night Call” comes out via Interscope Records on January 7th, 2022. – Pre-order HERE

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