Did you discover “Sunshine,” the new track from Skott, like I have this weekend? This was somewhat a by chance find. It is such a pretty song, elegant pop, giving out feel-good vibes. The track pretty much ended up soundtracking my weekend. (I was left so enamoured by it). The critically acclaimed Swedish singer, songwriter and producer did not catch my attention like this before. With producer Martin Stilling on hand and co-writer Peter St.James at the helm also. They really made an earworm out of this track.

Right now, I am in the mood for some summery tracks (I don’t mean bold as you like, generic dance anthems). A few nice songs make me feel as though the warmth of the summer sunshine is beaming down on my skin. (Is all I ask for). Sometimes this is all we need, isn’t it? Especially when the weather in the UK is as changeable as it has been lately.

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Sometimes songs styled with a tropical sound come across as unoriginal. Not this one, though. “Sunshine” has not one but two secret weapons. A cheerily whistled intro and Skott’s soft, mesmerising vocal. When announcing the track on her Instagram last week, Skott said “See you next week. I’ll bring a new song, you bring the sunny weather?” In response fan, Zoey Vsnu replied, “You are already the sunny weather.” Never were more true words spoken.

As soon as I heard the lyrics of “Sunshine“, I saw it as a hopeful song. It is about the times when we feel overwhelmed by life. Detailing how, if we continue to look for the spot of light, )keep the faith) it will eventually flood in again. With a few bursts of the cheerful melody, you cannot fail but to feel uplifted. I am glad I know about this song. The next time I hit a stumbling block, I feel like, the motivation I need to pull through, will come from listening to “Sunshine” a few times.

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