By Mandy Rogers

A lot of good stateside pop is hubbed around the New York catchment. Time and time over again I get alerted to so many acts steam rollering out the districts but especially via Brooklyn.

One such resident musician Matthew Paul Miller who takes his Hebrew name Matisyahu is not someone that has crossed my path before, more probably the case since he’s seated around the hip-hop reggae vibe making!

However, with these genre hopping types, it’s often the case that they throw out something that on the face of it, I’d not expect myself to like, but turn out to deliver a little poptasticular surprise.

As Matisyahu readies release of forthcoming album “Spark Seeker” (Out July 17th) he teases instantly likeable single “Sunshine”.

This cracking piece of hip-hop pop composure, expands upon the reggae roots into the chart likeable territory of Olly Murs / Rizzle KicksHeart Skips A Beat”, in that it gives off the same level of  bounce, whilst bursting with pop swagger and ear worm properties that are signalling to me I’ll not be able to get this tune out of my head for the rest of the day.

Take a listen for yourselves, and pick it up as a Free Download for a very limited period here