Whilst it’s too easy to just sit here thinking, here she is, it’s the delectable glamour puss Cocovan with another of her premium popalicious offerings. On closer inspection this lyric video is more than just a pretty accompaniment to the shimmering hit of twinkling melody and exquisite audio bliss of Cocovan’s alluring pop nymph like vocals descending upon us.

We’ve been fans of Cocovan for long enough to know the lady loves to add a concept running in parallel to her work. She’s French and has a strong affinity with making art, of which we have witnessed unreservedly enough in her stunning catalogue of musically heaven sent material in the past.

Cocovan has had this idea buzzing around for a while now, of taking her creativeness beyond the realms of music. Last autumn the lovely Parisian put her plans into action on a visit to London. Whilst in the capital she put on a street performance / art performance, where she rocked up on a couch right out there on the pavement and went about decorating herself in flower petals for all of London’s workers and passers-by to witness and add a bit of petal power to their day. Why? Well Cocovan believes we live such hurried lives that we’ve become blindsided to the obvious beauty that surrounds us and we should maybe sharpen our focus to it more.

Thus, this is the concept that has made it from the street performance to the lyric video. Cocovan views this medium as that of a living painting. It’s sheer simplicity and beauty does the job. It’s nothing of short of being addictingly mesmerizing.

Let me leave you with this. Cocovan found her own sweet and sassy way to get us appreciating the delicate beauty that a bunch of flowers possess.