Scottish synth pop band Prides are a band which really resonant with me, I find myself fallen consumed time and time again by their splendid crafting of anthemic pop.

I’m still merrily blasting the immense current release “Messiah” to be perfectly honest and the band have been way busy obligating tour duties with Foxes and are about to embark on a few stateside dates with Magic Man as well as cramming in some festival appearances. So expectations of new material were not in anyway at the forefront of consideration, via my reckoning train of thought.

Not only is new track “Strong Enough” a surprise arrival, quite that it is a collaboration with rising songbird Lauren Aquilina is also something that I never would have seen coming actually.

In actuality Prides signature anthem style, coupled with the juxtaposition between Stewart’s bold and Lauren’s folky cusped vocals makes like a dark/light dynamic dream of dare we say Chvrches like imagining.

Not sure whether the track is headed for any kind of release or not, but anyway it’s a fabulously prestige type of listen.