Photo: Jurij Treskow

Russia’s Tesla Boy look back to the decade of the 80’s when going in all synth pop blazing on their new release “Strong”.

Identifiable with a kick up the 80’s fire felt rising out of iconic tracks of the era, such as “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” – The Police and “Boys Of Summer” – Don Henley, the foursome of Tesla Boy mesh all retro inspiration together with an added lift of indie pop recognition which results in a radio active hue of dreamy pop nostalgia that suitably aligns with the musical stylings of associated with Empire Of the Sun.

It completely feels as if the track is cyclonically raising up sound from within a time generated vortex as it zips along a timeline and replants it synth side and shimmering back within the context of present day popularity for looking to up-cycle and making something new out of old.

Tesla Boy have a canny knack of being able to draw upon such resources of electronic wealth and carrying off with a new flourish of pop sensibility, all of which has paved the way for the Tesla Boy identity that we are listening to today. New release “Strong” is no different in its execution whilst having an affinity with the era it is also sounding pretty current in the new pop from old pop scheme of things which is currently doing the rounds quite heavily within music circles.