A recent, new artist discovery I made (the Nashville act Teddy at Night) has put out a follow-up release to the vibrant electro-rock anthem “Mr Celsius“. In all honesty, Teddy at Night left quite an impression on me. It is not every day I hear music as enthralling as his electrifying blend of power pop. I have nothing but massive respect for him, being out there on his own as an independent artist, doing his own thing at a time of pandemic madness. When launching this new venture. Teddy had to keep one foot on the gas. As restrictions are slowly lifting, he is at last raring to blast Teddy at Night properly into orbit. With the new offering “Stole Your Lover” now out, it is pedal to the metal all the way for this pop, rock illuminator.

Stole Your Lover” is a proper playing the cards on the table kind of song. Teddy wrote it about the wild beginnings of the relationship with his now-wife. “We found a pure, honest and true love in the darkest time of both of our lives,” he imparts in a statement dropped on Instagram. The lyrics used for this track paints a vivid picture of how Teddy met his wife, Cait. It is true to say their story as spoken about on “Stole Your Lover” appears as adhering to the rock star stereotype in the beginning. However, these two endured the rough spots and in the end love prevailed.

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Teddy also offered advice on Instagram to others, criticized for their love choices.

“Ignore rumours, ignore people’s opinions and ignore judgmental assholes. When something is beautiful and true, Hold onto it. Believe in it. There’s always a way through”.

I feel some people might be surprised at my recent coverage of power pop tunes. (There were one or two lately.) I succumbed to the urge to mix it up a bit here on the blog.

Once I heard it, I could not ignore the fierce electrifying realness Teddy at Night delivers. Besides, I firmly believe these tracks deserve to be heard on the radio.

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