Elliphant 1

Rather like a bus you’ve been waitng on to arrive, confirmatory news of when Elliphant’s hotly anticipated new album “Living Life Golden” is to be out has finally been announced as (March 25th 2016!) and with it came a run of tracks.

A whistful acoustic xmas song “North Star” (Bloody Christmas), which is probably as near as we’ve come to challenging the Pogues iconic sweary, drunken pop carol “Fairytale Of New York”.

Head to Redbull.com to stream Elliphant’s dancehall swaggering “Where Is Home” because alas you’ve already missed out on the limited downloads of it, which came as part and parcel of the Redbull 20 before 16 series. DO listen because it is typical Elliphant realness.

Last and not least “Step Down” which acts as a proper new teaser to the album “Living Life Golden” along with the totes brilliant “Love Me Badder” which made a scorching impact this summer.

In collaboration with Lorde producer Joel Little “Step Down” arrives in the format of a alt-pop, kooky anthem servicing minimalist beats, so as not to tone down and impinge upon the raspy impact of Elliphant’s acerbic put-down’s!

Anyways it gives Elliphant means aplenty to let flow with her rude-mouth. And thus, we can therefore, assume this is probably why “Step Down” could only ever be under consideration in the role of an album promo countdown single, because you know, the radio waves officiators duly don’t deem this kind of naughty word-play so suitable for radio broadcasting. Bet the internet would have made it a hit though!