Frida Sundemo

Scandinavian songstress Frida Sundemo wafts back into our lives amidst a sonic flurry of glistening melodies and cosmic encrusted synth-pop projection.

It maybe summer elsewhere but the icicles are forming in a sparkling array of Swede-pop euphoria arriving on Frida’s precision crafted new track “Stay Young”.

Expressed as an ode to staying young at heart, out of the mouth of a slip of a young thing herself, no less! Well let’s just say Frida has hit it spot on, not only in her perceptively generated narrative but also by engineering a glitter run of uplifting melodic arrangement captured in outright Swedish coolness.

So cool it seems that in going with “Stay Young” as a prospective single release Frida breaks free from the traditional formation of a full blown summer indebted anthem in preference of going with pristine curated shimmery dance pop as an alternative option.

Actually it is rather nice to not have the brain melted so much under an avalanche of dancefloor prepped banging beats for once, but to be able to embrace the synth glowing sentiment and overall exquisitely charming spun output as a stand-alone exponent of this kind of summery glitter pop profusion.