Of Verona

When we first became aware of emerging indie electro outfit Of Verona by way of single “Keep The Faith”, we were for the most part introduced at first listen to the melodically driving soundscapes and dynamically pummelling electro-rock direction of the L.A. based band.

Coming back into view, now as a two-piece, Of Verona appear ready to re-introduce their brand of darkly impacting futuristic sound with the release of new single “Stay Gold”.

Vocalist / songwriter Mandi Perkins alongside producer / multi-instrumentalist Dillon Pace retain and build upon their esoteric alchemy with layers built of otherworldly atmospheric electro to attain their higher reaching sound. By applying these mystically driving beats to a rock assertive backbone of drums, the result makes for an effectively intoxicating mix which proves itself to be ever more infectious with each and every listen.