"Stay Away" by Charli XCX has been knocking around in my inbox for about a month now.  I've always held a soft spot for the electro-pop darling since she performed her debut single "Franchesckaar!" and "Art Bitch" to an enthusiastic response at EQ Live way back in 2008 wearing yes – a neon pink poodle skirt.  She's definitely got something there and it looks like that something is starting to take a real shape and purpose in her music. 

"Stay Away" is a poingant and beautiful treat for the senses.  Carol Decker should take note too – there is a real nod (whether it be intentional or not) to T'Pau's "Heart And Soul" which still remains one of my favorite tracks from the 80s.

I should have written about "Stay Away" by Charli XCX sooner, but if you haven't yet discovered her or her music, "Stay Away" available on iTunes and you can preview it below.  

And just for a trip down memory lane, here is Charli XCX rockin EQ Live in said neon pink poodle skirt in 2008. Oh what a night!  Here's a few things I initially thought about her back then too…you have to remember too, this was all pre-Gaga, so if you like Gaga, think of young Charli XCX as her rowdy younger sister…