At last, we have the news we have been hotly anticipating from ALMA for a long time. She has announced her debut album “Have U Seen Her” arrives May 15th. This is great, ALMA has been such a fierce presence on the pop landscape for the last few years, and has definitely built up a loyal following via her live performances and touring. An album is, absolutely, what is wanted, and needed from this fab and uncompromising artist. The biggest taste of the upcoming long-player comes by way of a three-track EP “Have U Seen Her” (Part II). The lead track “Stay All Night” comes in as the most impactful and memorable of the singer’s latest run of releases.

In 2018, ALMA began moving away from the dance-pop arena she had first been thrust into. Striking out with the track “Cowboy,” was where she began to implement a more prominent pop approach in her work. ALMA has never been less than authentic in her lyrics, she has opinions and isn’t afraid to share. Coupled with her uncontainable energy, it is what, we find most, endearing about her. Breaking out into the pop, anti-pop, and alternative strands of pop, have afforded ALMA the right environment to allow her voice, thoughts and perspective to be heard, to maximum effect.

Speaking of “Stay All Night“, ALMA says…
“I wrote this song for myself, which confuses a lot of people as it feels like it’s for someone else. At the time, I really needed some encouragement to be free and not think about the ‘what if’s’ in life. Now when I’m feeling anxious I just ask myself ‘would it really be that f**king bad?’ – maybe I should just stay all night.”

ALMA has been playing this song at her recent gigs, where the upbeat track became a fan favourite in no time, at all. Considering the Finn has been taking more risks with her music lately, “Stay All Night” bucks her current trend, it leans, back into the dance-pop aesthetic from whence she came to prominence. i.e. it’s a dizzying, anthemic, crowd-pleaser. The other two tracks, indie cloaked “King of the Castle” and “Find Me” which complete the “Have U Seen Her” (Part II) EP, indicate, the debut album release isn’t wall-to-wall dance-pop and offers up plenty of diversity. ALMA slammed on the breaks, having felt her music wasn’t going in the direction she was happy in. She sounds pretty excited, enthusiastic by these new tracks. It is said, happiness breeds happiness, well I am stoked that she has made the album she has wanted to make. It’s coming in May, le sigh, but my ears are ready for it now.

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