Here is a good example of how a remix, when worked well can make a track really pop. LA-based newcomer artist Skofee launched with her debut EP “Polished” during Q3 last year. There has since been nothing but acclaim directed at the alt-pop singer-songwriter. It is a positive start that begs to be built upon. Skofee wastes no time in giving her hauntingly raw track “Spiderman” a, spruce up by way of an electro-pop makeover. The “Post Pop” mix is huge. (Post Pop is AKA Stefan Skarbek who has written and produced for a plethora of rule-breaking artists such as Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Jamiroquai). I knew nothing about Skofee until this electrifying remix landed in my inbox. What I did know about Skofee in an instant was that she must have honed some serious musicianship and artistry to attract such a high calibre name, at such an early point in her career.

I had to go check out the full “Polished” EP to see what all the fuss was about. I learned a lot about Skofee’s songwriting style and use of lyrical narratives. Skofee’s alias Anna Scholfield explores her idiosyncrasies at length. Like peeling the layers from an onion she delicately dissects the experiences which have pulled her in all directions emotionally. Her pure voice which rings with clarity and poise, documents periods of upheaval bleeding into self-improvement and settling scores. (If only with herself.) The EP is a work that exhibits vulnerabilities head-on. It is a brave move to be this authentic, so early on.

The track “Spiderman” looks into feelings of post-break-up, jealousy. She declares “its a fine line between wishing you were mine and wishing you were dead.” Just one example Skofee picks out about being consumed by hurt, much. It is often the saddest, most raw pop tracks that react best to the remix treatment. The Post Pop remix does that, upends the emotional weight, readdresses the balance and pops out a neon-strip styled banger we can instead dance our cares away to.

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