By Jordan Meehan

Alright boys and girls, we have to talk about the new Zedd track with Matthew Koma. I've been waiting for this track to drop for the last two weeks since I heard the snippet Zedd posted to his Soundcloud. While I was excited for new music from Zedd, who is quickly becoming a favorite of mine due to his incredible remixes, I was even more excited to see that Matthew Koma was on the track, too. Koma, who released his debut EP Parachute a few days ago through Cherrytree Records is one of my favorite up and coming artists.

I'm usually a little skeptical of DJ-featuring-artist tracks, as they're usually pretty disposable (see most David Guetta tracks), but Spectrum is an incredible piece of dance music that is blasted full of soul and feeling with Matthew Koma's incredible vocals. Zedd is also rumored to be working with Lady Gaga on her next studio album, so keep an eye out for that in the coming months. If the future holds more music of this caliber from Zedd and Matthew Koma, then the future is looking bright. You can buy Spectrum here:

Spectrum (Radio Mix) [feat. Matthew Koma] - Single - Zedd