hilaryduff sparks

Sparks” is the latest single pulled from pop princess Hilary Duff‘s upcoming fifth studio album, following the folky yet underwhelming “Chasing The Sun” and the underrated country-leaning “All About You”. Supported by an infectious beat and whistle-heavy chorus, this could be the hit Duff needs to restart her music career.

The former Disney starlet made headlines in 2014 with her announced music comeback, releasing her first string of original material since 2008. While “Chasing The Sun” and “All About You” were impressive, unique releases in their own right, both songs failed to catch on with listeners and Duff was forced to put her music career on hold once again to film and promote TV Land’s Younger, her new sitcom created by Sex and the City’s Darren Star.

Sparks“, which was first teased in a minute-long promo for Younger, is a pulsating piece of seductive dance music that fits in with the artist’s new mature image and would sound perfect in any club environment. Co-written by current pop heavyweight Tove Lo, the new single will take listeners back to Duff‘s dance/pop sound of her last proper studio album. It’s a thrilling, fun and sensual release that carries a necessary radio friendly hook demanding massive amounts of airplay.

After a perky, attention-grabbing whistling intro, Duff chimes in with a low, seductive vocal performance that calls for some touching in the dark. “Ticking tocking like a bomb, throws me back to when I had you closer, skin to skin we get it on, without the love I feel you going bolder,” she sings on a more adult-themed offering before the delicious chorus, which was sent directly from the pop gods above, comes through to force everyone to sing and “try” to whistle along.

The single guides Duff down the right path of age appropriateness. “Sparks” is not the dirty, raunchy effort some pop princesses released before they were actually able to call themselves adults. The Bloodshy/Peter Thomas produced gem is exactly what the adored artist needs to get people salivating over her long-awaited return to pop!