I didn’t contemplate for a second, allowing Nick Jonas to steal the thunder of the Myylo Week coverage on the blog last week. (Even though I have a special affinity with this particular J bro, Nick Jonas being my birthday twin). I was hopeful that a music video might be forthcoming for the title track from the upcoming “Spaceman” album. However, the singer made clear the next track “This Is Heaven” will arrive on Thursday 4th March. After unveiling the track during his rousing SNL performance on Saturday.

The track “Spaceman” is quite understated by Nick Jonas’s standards. I wasn’t prepared for the shift to subtle, soft, grooves to be honest. It doesn’t have the stereotypical lead-single feel about it. And sounds, more like, how I would expect the third single lifted from an album to sound instead. However, Nick explained more about the “Spaceman” concept during his appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and interview with Zane Lowe

Saying… “the one thing that all of us have felt during this time is, being completely disconnected from the world. Starring at a screen instead of human interaction.”

Pretty much sums up the experience of an astronaut, I’d say.

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I’m not wanting Nick to board an apollo flight mission just to bring me the music video I crave. The atmospherically moody lyric video is a good visual enhancement. I actually rather like the digital projections and mapping of star formations etc. “Spaceman” is the track you should listen to when feeling uber stressed. It will restore calm when you most need it. After the sneak peek Nick has given me at what comes next with “This Is Heaven,” I’m already giving my Nick Jonas stan badge a polish. Because I’m sensing I’ll be going properly gaga over that one. To be continued…

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