When choosing the song for my final blog post of the week. I first got thinking about all of the turkey dinners and pumpkin pie desserts consumed yesterday for Thanksgiving. With this in mind I struck upon the idea of sharing an energetic song today. With the thought maybe this could bring on motivation for some dancing or gym workouts. Although, more importantly, that it be seen as a way of helping to burn the calories off after all of the Thanksgiving feasting. I also felt it is the perfect opportunity that I might finally catch up and write about “Soul Survivor” by Fury Weekend ft. Ollie Wride. This being a track that recently popped into my inbox.

Being unfamiliar with the Fury Weekend (the project of Belarus-based Ars Nikonov). Yet having previously, encountered Ollie Wride. I had at least half an inkling of what I could expect to hear from this song. At least I sensed the vocals would be powerful, to say the least. My hope for this song was that it would turn out to be electrifying and electro-rocking. When I pressed play for the first time. I was delighted that this was indeed the soundscape that greeted me.

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Fury Weekend combines his love of classic rock, electronic music, and 80s culture into a forward-thinking music venture. This is the perfect accompaniment for Ollie Wride, whose big voice seamlessly meshes with rock, electro-pop and glam rock music styles.

I am giddy at the numerous 80s motifs Fury has fed into this track. It is, in fact, a song with an overwhelming sense of 80s nostalgia, for sure. The song lyrics in “Soul Survivor” are particularly emotionally charged. The narrative makes it abundant that Ollie has his eye on someone he considers hot and he wants to get to know better. All that he awaits and wants is to have these feelings reciprocated.

“I ain’t hidin’, I’d fight for you and I then. Let me be your soul survivor”.

Featuring powerful electronic beats, and a hook that will fill dance floors everywhere. I can assure you, when used as a gym workout soundtrack or not, “Soul Survivor” will bring on an adrenaline rush, regardless.

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