Danish songwriter and producer Goss, behaves in rather an elusive manner. All he has to visually represent him are a series of single cover art which feature images of limbs! To tell the truth I’m really struggling to find a meaning behind this strange choice of anatomical art and how it relates to the music. Having said that, I can completely understand that we are being directed to concentrate on the audio content alone.

During the past year, the Dane’s popularity has been gaining ground after putting out a total of 3rd tracks. These are each innovatively crafted, emitting futuristic soundscapes built up of a genre-meshing, blend of synth-pop. Whilst, featuring emotionally earnest vocals that are pitched with a hit of swaggering R’n’B flair.

The enigmatic Dane continues to make his presence felt, exhibiting a touch more impact on the latest cut “Soo Bad”. This track is creatively inviting, consisting of a strongly gravitating rhythmic patter of glitchy beats, assisting the skewed, futuristically fuelled melody. It all adds up to deliver a good measure of warmth and a spikey hit of artistic heat that surprises and delights the audio senses in complete, coherently formed togetherness.