Today the emerging alternative electronic pop artist Liz Cass has released “Something Real“. This latest track is taken from her debut album “The Words“. (Out November 11th via Ultra Records). I covered “Near Miss” another of her superb songs last month. It was the track “Near Miss” which gave me more of the style I had craved to hear from Liz, since being aware of her some months ago. As she returns with the follow-up single “Something Real“. I shall not hide my delight in confirming the track as being dreamy, crystalline synth-pop of esteemed calibre.

In brief. I have been advised the album “The Words” is a confessional outpouring from Liz. A place where she documents a monumental journey she has been on. She details her conquering of challenging times while presenting an intimate insight into overcoming depression, anxiety and resilience to ADHD. On balance, her emotional load has been a lot. Yet, her lyrical and story-telling prowess is second to none.

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Regarding the single Liz says, “‘Something Real’ is about the search for a genuine connection, and looking for that in all the wrong places. Then, coming to realisation that only you can break your own toxic patterns.”

She adds, “It’s a very personal song for me, but I think a lot of people have been there at some point. Looking for real connection from the emotionally unavailable in dead end places.”

With pop and rock genres increasingly dominating music today. Emerging artists such as Liz Cass that buck the trend give me hope. I celebrate her championing of synth-pop with equal amounts finesse and aplomb and I applaud the heartfeltness in the songs. There is something utterly captivating about the last two song releases. I am confident I will find more to love about the music of Liz Cass when the debut album “The Words” drops next month. (November 11th).

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