Girls Aloud

By Mandy Rogers

As you can appreciate when it comes to a Girls Aloud remix
package to fit alongside their firecracker of a return single, well they’ve got
to be along the high-end of the spectrum of brilliant.

Criteria that certainly befits a production duo such as
Manhattan Clique!

They have served their mixing skills beforehand for a few
names like, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Britney Spears amongst a few others, so
time their skilful art of flipping the mix around landed on a track from one of
the hottest girls bands around of today.

Something New” is given a turbo boost of dance power with a
growling interlude of dubstep wobble
that comes served in just the right measure of frothy pop bubbles.

Girls Aloud might be the leaders of the pack, but when it
comes to our choice of remix fix the leaders of the remix honours go to
Manhattan Clique.  

Something New (Remixes) - EP - Girls Aloud