Ellie Goulding

You can’t deny the fact that pop songstress Ellie Goulding threw everything into creating impact on her current focus single “On My Mind” acting its part as introduction to Ellie’s upcoming 3rd studio album “Delirium”.

If you look further upon it, this is something that is gaining momentum in forming a pattern for a number of recent album releases. Look no further that Marina’s off-centre initial offering FROOT, the title track to the album of the same name, or “Love Revolution” by Will Young. These tracks were regarded as equally being seen as artistically indulgent and brought about a certain amount of surprise value that these artists has gone out on a limb, when receiving their first play. In these cases, when the rest of the album material became revealed, the level of artistic licence wasn’t embedded right through-out the whole complete package. That can lead to a spot of disappointment for some listeners lead on to think that there might be something a bit artistically different and majorly exciting in the offing.

After her strong focus single, I personally hope that forthcoming album “Delirium” will take us to places with some further experimental vision on-side, as hinted at by Ellie. I’m not supposing that the we’ll be in for anything that is in the same category of departure as “On My Mind”, but variations on what we know and love of Ellie’s glorious pop nuggets would be welcoming prospect.

For those Goulding die-hards that are a touch more in need of a graduated introduction into Ellie’s new era, the singer/songwriter has got this covered via “Delirium’s” first count-down, instant grat track “Something In The Way You Move”.

Optimistic and upbeat, the track spreads pure joy if lacking a little in creativity, but hey, Ellie commits to giving out another of her top-notch vocal performances, that cannot in anyway be denied.

To have “Something In The Way You Move” alongside “On My Mind” in the library before the album arrives is sheer pop enjoyment enough, for now.