What a great little surprise I found in my inbox today.

Take a listen to this new track called "Somebody Tell Me" by new Herefordshire brother-sister electro pop duo Muchuu (pronounced ‘moo-chew’).  It's a bit playful and powerful all in the same track and immediately grabbed my attention upon the first listen – mixing elements of Sia and Psapp throughout.  It's even got a little bit of a J-pop influence to it and that is probably best down to lead singer Milky’s (yes her name is "milky") current obsession with all things Japanese at the moment – and I am loving the fusion to be honest!

I am also crazy in love with Muchuu's website – it's so cute, you just have to visit it to get the full effect. 

Muchuu are also offering up a FREE download of their track "Adventure We Go" in support of their debut album of the same name, so why don't you go give it a whirl here.  Like what you hear?  Then make sure to listen to and download "Somebody Tell Me" as it's available from iTunes as of today!