Betty Who

By Mandy Rogers

When I introduced you to Boston's adopted Australian Betty
a few weeks back, I promised you that you wouldn’t be muttering Betty Who
…..? in a questionable fashion for long, but excitedly proclaiming Betty Who
…..! with a knowing enthusiastic cheer of approval before long.

Well the pop belle has delivered on word and delivered on
song with a new shining rainbow bright cascade of captivating sound that’s
tunefully equipped to see that all YOU Cinderella’s will bop till you drop.

Some insight on the track in question: “Somebody Loves You”,
has been produced by Peter Thomas who has previously put out some amazing work
with Neon Hitch and Hoodie Allen, whilst the mastering has been overseen by no
less a name than Greg Calbi (Passion
Pit, Bon Iver, Metric, Of Monsters and Men

Somebody Loves You” is a day-glo electro pop fizzer of
happy vibes that thrills and spills its multicoloured rays of cheerfulness in
an impressive pop explosive way.  

I don’t think you’ll be saying Betty Who…..? for much longer
when you listen to “Somebody Loves You” – but the rosy thing is “Somebody Loves

So sweep it up Cinderella’s and you shall have an electro
pop ball the FREE DOWNLOAD good fairy is telling you so!