It would take a lot to steal me away right now from my current daily ritual of playing out Brandon Flowers splendid new album “The Desired Effect” in full, but I could be about to strike up a new epiphany with slickly groomed, gloom pop duo Hurts since they have just officially issued out audio streams of the lead track from their forthcoming third studio album.

What strikes up most noticeable of the this first introduction to Hurts new material is that “Some Kind Of Heaven” lands itself plucked with a jolt of quite an unexpected upbeat and uplifting melody from which the duo has seen to have served up on previous efforts.

Infact, the duo are quick to point out from the off-set that “Some Kind Of Heaven” marks the beginning of a bold odyssey. And in further revealing that their project is helmed at the hands of an esteemed production savvy trio of wise men, which oversees Stuart Price and Ariel Rechtshaid team up alongside long time Hurts collaborator Jonas Quant, my goosebumps of alt-synth-pop excitement are already rapidly beginning to prick up in seismic reaction to this. Not least because this new track is instantly available on iTunes as of now, but because even though there is a key shift change in dynamic outlook of this lead single, it equally retains enough hit of the theatre of drama that I’ve come to look upon Hurts to epically deal out in keeping my beloved dark pop appreciating soul heavy-heartedly happy.

More info to follow from Hurts soon – my ears are on stealth alert for when the ‘word’ on it comes in.