This electro-house interpretation of “So Into You” the 1998 R’n’B cult-classic track by Tamia, is pretty excellent if you ask me. Since its release, Tamia’s dreamy love song has been used as a sample many times. Although I haven’t been aware of anyone putting an electronic stamp on it until now. UK artist-producer duo Lost + Found – Ollie Marland and Tom Parker’s update on the track is bristling with vibrant dancefloor flavours. The reimagining slaps in the same way an Ibiza anthem does. Bringing on euphoric feelings by way of sun-drenched grooves and the thumps of bass.

Who knew I would be missing the white isle sounds as much because my inbox wasn’t littered with tracks of this ilk when the 2020 summer season hit in full effect. I do feel a bit sad that pop anthems of this kind became rather, neglected this year. (When like at one time they were two-a-penny in supply.) I did gorge on lots of disco-style releases instead. Can you imagine what summer would have sounded like if that trend hadn’t already begun to pick up, heat last winter? It doesn’t bear thinking about!

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Ollie and Tom launched as Lost + Found last year, and despite the shit-storm of 2020 occurring they’ve still accumulated millions of streams since their inception. The simplest of reasons why this duo has taken off like a skyrocket, being, the feel-good vibes their tracks evoke. I am liking Lost + Found because piano-house meets thrumming bass is very much my thing. Like adding aromatic spices to your home-cooked tikka, it peps up my music, diet with similar zing. Although, the Tamia original of “So Into You” blossomed into an R’n’B cult-classic, it hasn’t been a song which I have ever been particularly switched-on to. Twenty-two years since release and with a dancefloor-filling serve stamped on it by Lost + Found the classic song has finally found a new audience member in me.

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