San Francisco based indie-pop duo OVRGRWN achieved the extraordinary. They broke through when most of the music world was hit with the restrictions of being in lockdown. It is a massive feat for any emerging artist/s, whether occurring in ‘normal’ times or not. That the duo began making ground during these unusual circumstances is a feat on its own. The last time I wrote about OVRGRWN was around the “O Well” debut EP release. Proof of how musically productive they are, the duo are set to launch the sophomore EP “Momentary High” out on 30th July under the retro synth wave label FiXT Neon. They pre-cursor the release, with the track “Slow.” A glimmering synth-pop offering. Despite alluding to being a measured, mid-tempo effort is the duos most upbeat, propulsive to date.

The track did not make the cut for the debut EP. However, they revisited “Slow” when putting the follow-up body of work together. The duo sharesโ€ฆ

“Although many of the lyrics carried over from the original demo, Danae reworked the verses to better encapsulate her feelings of uncertainty and hesitation during the chaotic year. The juxtaposition of calling out to โ€œmove slow,โ€ alongside the driving, pulsating beat is one of her favourite moments on the upcoming EP.” – OVRGRWN

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Describing the heaviness most of us have been feeling because of the pandemic. The track opens up with the lyrics, “Turn upside-down don’t waste that frown its got a lot to say.” Thereby documenting and setting the tone of the piece. The advice given instead of being too hard on yourself is to slow the pace down. Basically, we are being encouraged to chill. Most of the time, our lives run at such a quick rate, we are not equipped to deal with the prolonged effects and change of routine. “Got caught in the neverending. Got caught in a momentary high,” Danae proclaims. As if to reaffirm the mood and will have heads nodding in wistful satisfaction.

Because their releases are consistently good. “Slow” is an ideal place to start as any, if you want to see what OVRGRWN are all about.

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