In the name of pure electro supremacy, it was undoubtedly the Rökysopp and Robyn collaboration on the “Do It Again” EP that mapped a true electro lovers summer.

In coming to its conclusion as much as the season itself, we were furnished with the news that hot on its heels to follow would come a Röyksopp full studio album release. What has since come to light though, is that it is to be Rökysopp’s final long playing recording, which kinda comes clear on the unveiling of the chosen album title “The Inevitable End”.

Wait up! before we all begin crying into our bowl of cornflakes, this doesn’t mean that Torbjørn and Svein are dusting down their keys for good, they just feel after five albums that they have given all they can to the LP format and assure us that they will continue to make music. All’s explained further here straight from Röyksopp HQ.

Conveniently “The Inevitable End” tracklisting has also appeared, as has a preview of the album opener “Skulls”.

It’s a good look into the track as well, none of that 30 second teaser malarkey going on here! Our impression is it, sounds of a sci-fi synth symphony visored up in eerie collaboration with Daft Punk’s evil twins Dalek-speaking “if you wanna ride with us tonight” to us the awaiting music universe.

Consider our engines are now suitably revved, on edge and suspended in anticipation for the fully loaded 12 shots of electronic mastery to see us through the fall into winter and beyond.

“The Inevitable End” tracklisting reads:

1) Skulls
2) Monument feat. Robyn (T.I.E. Version)
3) Sordid Affair (Ryan James, Man Without Country)
4) You Know I Have To Go (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
5) Save Me (Susanne Sundfør)
6) I Had This Thing (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
7) Rong (Robyn)
8) Here She Comes Again (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
9) Running To The Sea (Susanne Sundfør)
10) Compulsion (Jamie McDermott, The Irrepressibles)
11) Coup de Grace
12) Thank You

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