Silent Sirens Cover Art_large

EQ NYC fave Max Vernon is back with a slightly more electronic sound in way of new single "Silent Sirens" that you can listen to below.  I absolutely love Max Vernon's voice – it is transcendent over so many genre's from folk, rock, alternative and now electronica which puts a big Cheshire Cat smile on my face.

Max Vernon is one of those artists that I've been bangin on about for ages that I discovered via my own search for the next big thing (like Bim, Menya and Javi) that hasn't come to me via PR, hype-makers nor was recommended to me.  I simply just love this guy's music and want the rest of the world to love it as well.  He's got the appeal of Patrick Wolf and is what Rufus Wainwright would sound like if he was making tunes that were relevant to my sonic palette these days…

Listen to "Silent Sirens" now via the Soundcloud and if you like what you hear, make sure to check him out on MySpace.