I very rarely post a band’s bio on EQ, but after you read the bio for The Fury, I think you’ll agree it’s something rather special.  As you know, I’m a massive Coury Palermo fan, so it should come as no surprise to you that I’m very VERY excited about this new collaboration with “It’s just a little crush” – Jennifer Paige.

Sometimes life’s most difficult moments can lead to its greatest discoveries.  As grass roots as it gets: a feeling turned into song, a song into collaboration; and, ultimately, two voices into harmony.  Meet The Fury.

Jennifer Paige and Coury Palermo met under special circumstances. In January of 2008, Jennifer listened as Coury sang at her father’s funeral, still numb from the realization that both parents were gone within weeks of one another. “Coury was a friend of my brother, and he was inspired to write a song for him after hearing the news”, says Paige. “A few weeks later, my brother gave me the demo to the song; and, over the next months while listening to my ipod on shuffle, “Not Enough” would come on and catch me completely off guard. Before I knew it, I’d be crying like a baby. I’ve always believed music to be a truly healing force, and that’s exactly what that song was for me. That was my introduction to Coury.”

And, as it does, life carried on.  Over the next two years, both artists continued to release records for their solo endeavors, and toured worldwide in support of their individual releases. Eventually their paths crossed again in late 2009 at a party in Nashville, TN. The two became fast friends and began writing for Jennifer’s upcoming release. “It’s like finding your twin, separated at birth”, says Palermo. “Yeah, we are practically the same person”, agrees Paige, with a grin.

When asked, “Why,The Fury?” Coury responds, “Life is chaotic, brutal and beautiful. Jen and I want to create music that communicates honestly about the ups & downs of every day life – the good, bad and the uncomfortable. We are challenging ourselves to experiment beyond any preconceived box we’ve found ourselves in musically, and we’re loving the freedom that it brings.”

For Jennifer and Coury a brave new era of discovery has begun. Combining pop sensibilities and an often heartbreaking approach to storytelling, they create a fresh new sound and music that speaks to the soul.

The Fury is currently in the studio recording their debut album. Look for their first release, “Losing You”, on iTunes in early 2011, as well as a special release of the holiday standard, “Silent Night”. To hear more about their daily adventures, please visit The Fury on Twitter or Facebook.