Remember when Ukranian singer-songwriter Max Barskih, alter-ego Mickolai dropped a whole EP of English speaking tracks? We sure do. It was in 2015. We were very excited about this development as it goes, it was the stuff of dreams, as far as Raj and myself were concerned. Our dream bubble soon burst. BOO. Our excitement was short-lived. Almost immediately afterwards, Max reverted back to recording in his native language only.

Most recently he’s been in the studio cooking up a new album “1990.” There is no indication if the long-player might perchance, feature a track or two recorded in English. As we’ve seen before, we can never say never, on that front. However, during his time spent in lockdown, it’s allowed him the opportunity to go ham with something a bit different and stand alone from the upcoming release. Realising that before there was no time to rest and soak up the sun. How much he loved the beaches and clubs, now there is a desire to have fun and write different styles of songs.

In so saying, this is how the new track “Silence” has come about.

“I adore the relaxed atmosphere of summer days and everything which refers to it. Yachting, speed driving in a cabriolet, bustling parties with friends open-air, dancing uninhibitedly to the high quality-rhythm. “Silence” – this is music for mood shaping and music about happiness”. Max shared over social media.

In recent times Max has shown an interest in experimenting with his sound. I guess he had a hankering to record a house styled track. In the “Silence” he is giving us the best of these grooves. Hot summer anthem beats and his distinctive vocals, dripping in charisma.

If only we all had a handy yacht at our disposal to whisk us away like this lucky lot in the lyric video, eh. I’m sure Greta would have something to say about that but, yeah regardless a thought I’d love to magically come true right now.

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