Photo: Märta Thisner

Sweden’s EDM production duo turned pop pairing, Rebecca and Fiona are really going to town as a couple of adventure seeking, popular music sorts these days.

Already, two time Swedish Grammy award winners, these girls know their way around a tune. To this matter the insides of it too.

It could have been so easy to have kept in their patch of EDM crafting, but no they issued themselves a challenge of diversifying and of what we’ve heard previously over the past year by way of singles “Sayonara” and “Drugstore Luvin’” they are successfully inching away into a new era which is bringing a sign of longevity with it.

The ladies are to cement their new found pop status with the release of their “Party Hard” EP arriving on November 4th to which they are also now given over to highlighting “Shotgun” the new focus single derived from it.

Entering into another dynamic, Rebecca and Fiona turn a touch sober from their pop party, floor filling antics. As “Shotgun” leads off from a slower footing to what we’ve heard them enter into for a long time.

Frothy synths and dreamy vocal harmonies meander into an airily impressive electronic pop styled ballad. It’s the girls at their most exposed, in a music making sense and a gloriously icy, spellbinding delight from the Scandi’s at that.