Listen to “Shell” by Charlotte OC

There is no scooting around the fact that Charlotte OC is like Britain’s own answer to Lana Del Rey, well to our minds at least.

Whilst the melancholy meanderings of Lana are best left at the door when it comes to EQ Music’s taste in modern pop, Charlotte OC on the other hand has been known to filter into our pop lives when she’s presented us with the odd track now and again that deviates from that whole Lana thing about her that she has going on.

Charlotte is now readying up her debut album “Careless People”, which I feel will for the most part when it arrives, we’ll be quick to notice it, to be brimming with her dark pop leaning signature tunes.

Before the album makes its way out onto digital platforms though, there’s the small matter of the final push and the last countdown single and hey, it threw up a gem in a great track called “Shell” which for the greater part acts as Charlotte’s most standout track in everything she’s put out previous to it.

If the lyrics weren’t so sad pop bleak it wouldn’t be Charlotte OC I guess. However, when “Shell” opens up into the chorus it takes on another level of appeal. There is a great hit of lushly intoxicating melody and a nice lilt in Charlotte’s vocal that transcends in a manner that is not unlike Stevie Nicks.

In terms of our appreciation for an up-and-coming artist, “Shell” is a pivotal moment for broody songstress Charlotte OC.