There is no fooling us. Canadian platinum-selling artist Tyler Shaw is not singing about Vodka, Peach Schnapps based cocktails on his latest track release. He isn’t even trying to be coy about the single “Sex on the Beach“, either.

On the single, Tyler explains; “What can I say about this song thatโ€™s not in the title? Itโ€™s simple, fun, sultry, a playful vibe. The way summer songs should be post-pandemic. Like putting a sexy sunset in song form.โ€

Tyler is correct in what he says about how summer songs should sound like post-pandemic. Wouldn’t you agree? We’re craving to get back to having fun, just wanna cut loose, and enjoy the feeling of being liberated again. Of course, we are also wishfully thinking of an exotic holiday, beautiful sunsets and guaranteed sunshine to complete the dream. This summer bop from Tyler is a good way of starting off the holiday season. Specifically, since Mr Sun has been stubbornly kicking his heels to come outside and beam his light and warmth across the UK.

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I am not sure that we know so much of Tyler Shaw and his music here in the UK. The Canadian who draws comparisons to both of the Shawn’sHook and Mendes. Has nonetheless accumulated quite a lot of success with tracks “Kiss Goodnight“, “House of Cards” and “With You“, on his home turf.

Thinking on back to two summers ago. When we all eye-rolled at the number of anthems being pumped out, at the rate-of-knots. And to now when we are hardly being serviced them. We really do need some this year. Otherwise, it will not feel in any way like we’ve had a summer at all. So, if you are looking for a song that doesn’t go in-depth about feelings and emotions as such. But nevertheless has uplifting energy and is super catchy as well. Call off the search, “Sex on the Beach” by Tyler Shaw is that song your craving.

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