The introduction to “Separator” by Crystal Fighters is very sudden. When I hit play for the first time I thought the track started in the middle. The simple classic guitar strum and punk-inspired vocals immediately reminded me of crowded bars, white t-shirts and black jeans. I admit it; I was being judgmental. You caught me.

To my surprise, I ate a huge plate of my words as the song continued. While rocking out I realized that “Separator” is actually a well carved single with a variety of influences combined strategically in one solid tune. At first you’re listening to a punkpop song inspired by a classic rock jam session of the 70s. Furthermore, you reach a dubstep breakdown followed by a tribal drum session with sing-along lyrics. If you don’t like what you hear at first hang tight there is a lot to choose from. I am glad I listened to my gut and kept it playing. I almost forgot how fun fast guitars and drums can sometimes be.

If you’re in need of a song to shout out loud at the top of your lungs after a night of drinks and celebration, look no further than “Separator” by Crystal Fighters. This pre-summer anthem is perfect for the hipster cool bar hoppers and the hippy trippy festival attendees. It is a great song for music lovers who want to have a good time. The band recently released “Love is All I Got” an EP with electronic producer Feed Me. Their new album, “Cave Rave” is due in May.