Having been enthralled by Kate Boy’s magnificent track release last year of “The Way We Are”, I can’t tell you how welcome it is to now know that the debut album is on it’s way.

Even more exhilarating than that, is the news that the albums lead single “Self Control” is as of now instantly released to iTunes.

For those who might perchance, be wondering Laura Branigan cover? It is no such thing which arrives from the Stockholm based quartet. Kate Boy’sSelf Control” comes replete with the bands signature sounds of percussion weighted electronics tethered into the sonic elixir by front woman Kate Akhurst’s charismatic vocal chants.

Think Fleetwood Mac’sEverywhere” twisted in a modernist touch and you’ve pretty much got the shape in mind of Kate Boy’sSelf Control” already. Regardless of the tracks maybe inspirational origins, it is definitely shape shifted and fully formed in a dynamically glorious wall pounding of eclectically electronic sound.