Rising star and Boy George protege, Jamie Hannah continues to go from strength to strength, impressing with each new move he makes. He certainly didn’t make it hard for me notice him, by the power in his voice, his dynamically diverse vocals and soaring falsetto, when we premiered the F9 club mix of “Sound Of My Youth” last year. Returning with his first release of 2020, “Secret Paradise” the singer/multi-instrumentalist adds intoxicating depth and potent focus to his expanding repertoire. While seamlessly combining facets from his classically trained background, amid a surge of energised, floor-filling, beats.

I notice Jamie Hannah isn’t someone who does things by half-measures. Neither should he do so, being as accomplished and masterful as he is. “Secret Paradise” makes light work of demonstrating Jamie’s intuitive understanding of Paul Aiden’s beautifully penned lyrics. Using his remarkable voice which sweeps through ranges with ease. Whether promoting moments of vulnerability or empowering themes throughout the track. Jamie can interchange between softer, dreamy strokes to uplifting, rousing episodes at lightning-quick speed. To be honest, a hell of a lot happens on “Secret Paradise.” There is too much to take in, in just the one or two casual listens. I had to keep going back to fully appreciate all of the complex layering and textures. Each time I stepped back into the track, I found something different, I hadn’t noticed before. I feel sure that even now after, taking in multiple streams I still haven’t noticed every twist and turn the track has to offer.

2020, promises more new tracks. The release of his debut EP, (“Secret Paradise” is the first taste and serves as the title track.) Jamie will also be joining Louise Redknapp on her “Heavy Love” UK tour, which kicks off in March (Info Here)

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