Salt Ashes

It’s a fair comment to say that up-and-coming new artist Salt Ashes has come up to notice via a string of dark disco accentuated releases. She’s powered through with potent hybrid pop and experimented with an esoteric presence, but now as her self-titled debut album nears realization, she’s opted to throw caution to the wind and embrace even more of the upbeat EDM aesthetic than ever before.

Lead single “Save It” bows down into full-on dancefloor gravitated territory, whilst Salt Ashes ethereally piqued vocal burns a torch of alternatively sought Kylie likeness.

By far the biggest track that Salt Ashes has unleashed to date, “Save It” blows hot and hotter still as it ascends through its euphoric mapped progression. A confessional love soaked anthem which openly expresses listening to your own heart and gut feelings, fight for the love you feel you deserve even to the point that it consumes everything of you, hook, line and sinker.

Well Salt Ashes has gotten me a little way hooked in interest with her latest discotastic dance-pop bop, and that chorus of choir assisted vocal’s really does draw parallels to Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” doesn’t it!.

Yep, the Madonna effect totally being something which we’ve already been drawn back and back again to pick up as a major influence in Salt Ashes music. Let’s face it, If you’re going to be inspired by anyone Madonna is a hot pick for all that she has creatively given to the pop arena herself.

I tend to think that Salt Ashes has some high end, juicy, creative pop sauce waiting in the wings, as we go further into this long player release. “Save It” lives adequately up to its job of seeing the burgeoning alternative, ethereal disco chanteuse back on the pop radar.