Sverige calling and this time it’s not even Eurovision related!

We’ve actually been alerted to the new Sophia Somajo release and it’s colouring our pop life in more hues than that of the intended “Sapphire” blue.

As an artist who can count herself influential to rising talents such as Seinabo Sey and Beatrice Eli, if you’ve not been so familiar with Sophia before this, you might now take a little extra vetted interest into the artistry and ethic that these prudently experimental pop observing Swedes so revere.

For Somajo leads as a visionary to aspire too, someone who cut a path before them and drew success with her think tank of ideas.

Fact is, though that this particular pop offering ”Sapphire” might actually have been some way suited to Eurovision lurvin if it had been entered into the competition. Not necessarily for Sweden perhaps or that it might have made it all the way to the finals but it’s certainly deserving candidate amongst the more discerning pop ballad fair.

Sophia has always been a forward thinker though and this has spearheaded her away from the more dizzing mainstream whirl of appraisal. In knowing her own mind she can plot a melody and chorus as relentlessly epic and brilliant without so much having a desire to adhere to pop specifics and it would always turn out phenom. Pretty much like she has seen to accommodate here on the crushingly insightful, bittersweet “Sapphire”.

The girl has got form we know this, as previously in her past she’s written for Robyn and duetted with Juvelen a one time outright fave of ours, man what did happen to him?

By far, we see “Sapphire” for what it is. This being irresistibly catchy pop that has the power about it to stand alone on it’s own merit.